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Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do and are, it is what fuels us, and keeps our bodies equipped for whatever we decide to take on in our day. At Nova 3 Labs we believe that building a strong nutritional foundation is only laying the groundwork for your future success. Whether your primary goals are improved athletic performance, body composition, and general health and a better quality of life, a dynamic nutritional program will assist you in achieving and maintaining those goals. We work with athletes, weekend warriors, busy moms, business professionals, and those looking to take their health into their own hands. We’re here for you.

Program Design

We offer individual program design specific to your goals. Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply looking for health and longevity, we can help you. Your coach will work with you on an individual basis to ensure your getting exactly what you need within a safe, effective fitness program.


Personalize diets and macros built just for your lifestyle. If you want to change the way you train, you need to change the way you eat.

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The Dynamic Approach

Your ultimate guide to feeding the machine. The Dynamic Approach rarely involves a diet “prescription.” Instead, my aim is to educate you on how to properly structure your eating choices within your current lifestyle. This book will help you make several small changes that will lead to a much better lifestyle.

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