The Nova 3 Labs Family

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Morgan Carter

Growing up as a competitive athlete, health was always the primary focus in Morgan’s life. In 2015, Morgan’s athletic career forever charged when an ATV rolled, crushing her hand and arm. While laying in the hospital bed, after the third surgery, her doctor said, “if you were not so fit and healthy, you would not have a hand anymore.” From that moment forward, Morgan knew that health and fitness would always be a priority in her life. Fast forward multiple years later, and Morgan is now a dynamic entrepreneur with multiple business in the health and fitness industry.


Jenn Lord

Being a competitive athlete in many sports Jenn is constantly looking to improve performance. Seeking only the highest quality coaching, supplements, and mentors. Jenn also has a passion for being creative. Being completely self taught has brought many experiences and challenging learning opportunities. Jenn is the person to make ideas come to life through design, photography and videography. Jenn is the goofy one of the team and constantly trying to find new ways to drive Morgan mental.

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Our Founder

Mike Kesthely

Mike Kesthely has been involved in athletics his entire life, ranging from years playing box lacrosse, martial arts, rock climbing, mountain biking and Crossfit. He has worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Lethbridge Fire Dept since 2000, and is the past Health & Fitness Coordinator for the department. His passion now lies with nutrition & functional lab analysis, and improving client performance, health, and longevity through dietary augmentation.

Our Athlete Coordinator

Kelly Clark

Kelly is an optimal performance seeker with a sunny view of life. Her greatest joys are spending time with loved ones, coaching, and traveling the world competing on an elite CrossFit team. Having overcome a number of injuries throughout her athletic career, Kelly passionately believes that we are all capable of achieving more than we imagine with hard work and a positive mind. Those experiences shaped her journey as a coach and inspire her to help others become their best selves while staying pain-free, focusing on proper nutrition, prehab, recovery, and mindset. Outside the gym Kelly works as a project manager for small businesses. She has a compulsive need for efficiency and enjoys bringing streamlined communications and processes to every endeavor. Kelly can otherwise be found walking the beach and soaking up the sunshine!

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Our mission

In a world of people looking for quick fixes, life hacks, and instant gratification, it take strength, courage, and embracing your inner rebel to be firm in the belief of hard work pays off.
Being comfortable being uncomfortable.
Go upriver against the flow of society and unleash our authentic selves.
We believe we are rebels in the industry because we actually care about our clients. We back every single ingredient by research. We always recommend to people that they need to put in the work first before using supplements.
We never say were the end all to fix you. We're in the mindset that everyone needs to put the hard work in to actually see the results they want and we are here to help provide that information.
We go against the norm of "Take this and you will have a six pack", "take this and all your problems will go away".
We're in it to help and educate others.
Not steal money from our clients.
We believe in transparency, honesty, and grit.
We are Nova.