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Alexandra LaChance Stack

Alexandra LaChance Stack

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Train like the one and the only Alexandra LaChance. Yes you heard us right! Alexandra LaChance is now apart of the Rebel family. Celebrate with us with her very own stack! Her Stack includes the following:

Max Perform why is it special?
Max Perform is a pre-workout that will NOT jack your heart rate and make you crash mid-workout. There is only 90mg of caffeine, and the saying we like to use is a little goes a long way. This magically tasting pre-workout will have you wanting to sip it all day everyday. Give yourself that intra-workout energy and kick start of recovery just by sippin’.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for the following:

  • Reduce delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMs)
  • Fatty acids utilized as fuel
  • BCAA’s and EAA’s
  • 90mg of caffeine

Max Capacity what does that even mean?
Max Capacity is just as it sounds. It increases your mental focus capacity and endurance capacity.

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting the following:

  • Be focused at the gym (and not on your phone)
  • Increase lactate threshold
  • Reduce your rate of perceived exertion
  • Be in the moment
  • No stimulants (won’t jack your heart rate up, and won’t make you crash)

Max Capacity is here to alter your perception as to how hard something is. Going into an insanely tough workout that you are dreading? Take Capacity to ease that rate of perceived exertion. Want to blow past your friends on an endurance workout, no problem… Max Capacity has your back!

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