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Emma Lawson Stack

Emma Lawson Stack

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Prepare for the  Semi Finals just like Emma Lawson, a  Games Athlete. She is officially a Nova3Labs athlete! #BeARebel with Emma and get her stack today.  

Emma Lawson's Stack includes:

Max Perform - Rainbow Candy

  • EEA's + BCAA's for muscle repair and fuel
  • Minimal caffeine to prevent heart rate spike (90mg)
  • Taurine to assist BCAA's with DOM's

Max Protein - Sea Salt Caramel

  • 27g of protein for optimal recovery
  • Great taste, zero bloating, and mixes well (no clumping)
  • Helps with muscle repair and growth

Max Recovery

  • Provides sustained intra-workout energy
  • Maximizes glycogen recovery
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity 
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