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Lucas Parker

Lucas Parker

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You heard us right! LUCAS PARKER IS BACK! The great Canadian has come back! Support Lucas joining Team Rebel by snagging Lucas's exclusive Nova3Labs Stack!

Lucas Parker Stack:

Max Capacity - is here to alter your perception as to how hard something is. Going into an insanely tough workout that you are dreading? Take Capacity to ease that rate of perceived exertion. Want to blow past your friends on an endurance workout, no problem… Max Capacity has your back!

Max Protein - is not just no ordinary whey protein. It is a whey isolate protein. Why should you care? Well… this protein is about the cleanest you can get! Isolate whey means the protein is isolated away from the fat and the carbs! So all you are ingesting is the protein you need. Because this is just a protein source GI tract issues, like bloating, will not happen because we do not have any leftover lactose that comes from concentrate and no aminogoblins that come with fats.

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